We are a multi-discipline architectural and building practice that conducts and delivers beautiful projects from start to finish for residential and commercial clients.

Undivided attention to detail

Monument is the single point of contact for your project. We don’t do dysfunction or dilution, we only imagine, manage and realise inspiring spaces that surpass expectation. We do this by properly getting to know you and your vision before taking control from the get-go to completion. It is this devotion to every detail in every one of our projects that results in the highest standard of buildings and structures.

Authentically and lastingly expressed

Our client’s are unique and our primary objective is to deliver every design as expected. This is only made possible through regular consultation and reference to signed off drawings and specifications. We also make it our mission to stay at the forefront of what is possible in the built environments, as design evolves alongside the availability of new materials and techniques. Now more than ever we need to responsibly act on challenges and future-proof the spaces we inhabit.

Constructing greatness with passionate people

Projects are always competitively priced based on your agreed plans and specifications. Our specialist tradesmen and teams of contractors are then carefully selected according to their high quality and what’s required for the specificities of a project, including location. They are combined with our management team and their substantial experience in delivering exactly what’s intended. From there, it’s up to our people to work hard and smart so we can match or even surpass the image you have in your head.

Our experienced team of award-winning specialists understand precisely how to transform ideas and requirements into successful design schemes and personally managed installations.

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We also offer a full range of first-class electrical engineering services.