We provide a complete range of services for the building and construction industry and offer consultancy to a large portfolio of clients both in the private and commercial sectors including Maintenance and Planning, Listed Buildings and Conservation Work, Project Management, Building Surveys, and Architectural Design.

Building Surveys

We generally provide ‘main elements’ and ‘full condition surveys’ to both private and commercial clients. Specific surveys and report formats can also be tailored to your requirements if required. Generally a survey is non-intrusive and a visual survey of all parts of the building, which are accessible without risking injury to the surveyor or damage to the building, is undertaken. The surveyor will inform the client if they suspect any hidden problems and will also recommend any specialist testing or inspections which may be required and we can arrange this on your behalf.

Architectural Design

We have many years of experience in the architectural design of different types of projects relating to many different building types including residential, commercial, industrial and historic buildings. We offer a full range of design services and cater for refurbishment, redevelopment and new-build projects.

Project Management

To ensure your project is delivered on time, within budget and to a high level of finish we can offer a full range of project management solutions for small, medium and large scale projects. Our involvement can vary dependant on the client requirements, the nature of the project and the timings involved.

Listed Buildings and Historic Conservation

One of our areas of expertise includes work on listed buildings, restoration, redevelopment and specialist work in conservation areas. We have many years experience in the appraisal, specification and preparation of alteration and extension proposals for listed and historic properties and can advise on the correct materials and repair techniques to be used as well as applying for the necessary consents.

Maintenance & planning

We offer advice on planned maintenance and more comprehensive maintenance programming. Following the production of a planned maintenance programme it may be necessary to undertake building works and / or repairs for which detailed specifications and contract documentation may need to be prepared.

Party Wall Matters

The Act came into force on 1 July 1997 and applies throughout England and Wales. It provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings. Anyone intending to carry out work of the kinds described in the Act must give adjoining owners notice of their intentions. We can act as surveyor for the building owner, the adjoining owner or as joint surveyor acting independently of either party in order to prepare the necessary Notices, a Party Wall Award, if required, and to prepare a Schedule of Condition prior to any work taking place.

Legal Disputes

Legal disputes can take many forms and can involve land or buildings. We can offer independent expert advice and guidance for a range of matters, for example the quality of building work or the position of a boundary. We can work closely with your solicitor to provide expert reports, which may be required. A clients’ legal rights and tactics are best dealt with by a solicitor but the building related aspects of a case require the specialist knowledge of a chartered building surveyor. Get in touch to find out more

Domestic Building Certification

The building of a new dwelling house or the conversion of a building, for example a farm steading, into a dwelling house is usually overseen by a professional person or body. If the property is funded by a mortgage or other secured finance, building certification or a warranty is usually a requirement of the lender. We offer a domestic building certification service for both traditionally built (masonry construction) and timber frame housing. The fee will depend upon the size and scale of the house to be built.

Defects Inspections

We offer single point and multi point inspections which may be required for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Following an unfavourable comment in a Mortgage Valuation, Homebuyers Report or Building Survey carried out by others.
  • Following a recommendation for further investigation made in such a report.
  • In order to diagnose a building defect, prior to specifying maintenance or remedial work.
  • If a building owner suspects that a problem may exist and requires investigation.

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