• VALUEConfidential
  • DURATION:6 months

Monument was commissioned by a young, innovative couple to provide architectural, interior design and construction services for the extension and refurbishment of their early-1900s terraced property in North Shields.

Inspired by their travels around the world and stays in luxury hotels, we were tasked to create bespoke elements in a contemporary, minimalist style throughout the project.

Cleveland Road was to be a home filled with warmth and sophistication that coupled delightful original features with unique avant-garde living.

Space posed the biggest challenge.

It was limited and we needed a lot. As a result, the success of our ground floor hinged on the plans for the external extension and internal kitchen arrangement, with both spaces needing to function and flow effortlessly.

To give the ground floor its sleek uniformity, we used a bespoke glazed internal wall between the kitchen and the pantry.

When it came to the bathroom, our clients’ wanted to feel as if they were walking into a room from their favourite holiday destination. It was to be a sanctuary away from the rest of the home.

As we wrestled with the challenging wedge-shaped space, we managed to square as much of the room as possible so that every single angle sparks a sense of serenity.

Unavoidable lockdown delays and how we responded

The works were carried out before and after the UK’s first national lockdown in 2020 with unavoidable delays.

In response, we supplied a detailed construction programme to the client to quickly reset expectations and re-establish dates. Everything was discussed in detail and at regular intervals to minimise the impact on the family.

Meticulous planning around COVID safety procedures meant the project was completed without any further unnecessary disruption.


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