• VALUEConfidential
  • DURATION:6 months

Monument was commissioned to provide architectural, interior design and construction services for the extension and refurbishment of an early-1900s terraced property on Preston Avenue in North Shields.

Working with a highly knowledgeable client, design inspiration for the kitchen and elsewhere was to come from Dieter Rams’ 1960 chair for Vitsoe. We were tasked to create a contemporary home with bespoke elements throughout.

Many hands make minimalist work.

Monument’s architectural and interior design teams collaborated with the client to develop the minimalist style inspired by Rams’ “less, but better” approach.

As a result, powder coated aluminium end panels with exposed black snake eyed screws were custom made, as were the doors for both the kitchen and dressing room areas.

Every bespoke element was created by our trusted suppliers to ensure we met the client’s aspirations for an original and extraordinary finish.


Unavoidable lockdown delays and how we responded

Works were carried out shortly after the second national lockdown in the UK. With careful planning and robust safety measures in place, the project avoided any further unnecessary disruption.

Significantly, structural alterations had to be carried out within an occupied and busy row of terraced houses. Constant communication with neighbours reduced unwanted frustrations and limitations for everyone, so everything could progress as planned.

Through our open consultations with neighbours, we could amend our schedule for noisy activity. The proximity to a local school also influenced the timing of larger deliveries to avoid clashes with the school run and daily commute.

The client was kept in the loop at all times and made fully aware of any changes to costs and plans that might have emerged during the build.


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